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Ultra Deluxe Pedicure

FireWalker Pedicure $70

Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. Using Herb Mineral Bath, a blend of grapefruit Body Bar and Walnut Body Lufra Exfoliating and top it off with the Revitalizing Ice Dancer leg massage and hot towel wrap to bring your pedicure experience an extra level. Along with Sole Solution heel treatment, massage techniques using Firewalker Cream will take all the fatigue away. Following with hot-stone massage and hot booties to keep your feet looking soft and healthy. Finish with the ultimate soft Baobab Body Butter.

Volcano Spa Pedicure $60

Volcano Ash is a mother nature skin purifier with a detoxing volcano crystal. The heat from the exfoliator will remove the outer layer of your dead skin. Afterward, a collagen mask, lotion, and foot booties will be applied to leave your skin to replenish and fresh.

OPI Pedicure $60

Formulated with nature’s soothing and effective botanicals. Pedicure by OPI turns ordinary pedicures into an extraordinary spa service. This involves 8 steps: foot-bath, callus softener, foot scrub, face mask, foot massage, skin smoothing, foot gel, and foot booties.


**Hot rocks $5

**Extra massages $10/10minutes

**Gel Polish extra $10

**Collagen Glove/Soak $5

Deluxe Pedicure

Collagen Spa Pedicure $50

Collagen bubble crystals formulated with natural sea salt to relieve stress. A creamy mask draws out impurities and muscle-relaxing gel is an instance revitalizer for muscle tension. The creamy lotion will leave skin smooth throughout the day.

*Free Customer Gift* Collagen Serum Lotion

Charcoal Pedicure $50

The activated black charcoal is naturally magnetic and incredibly porous ingredient in eradicating dirt, oil, and odor-causing bacteria deep within the pores. The 4-step regimen is crafted acts as a facial for your feet.

Milk And Honey $47

You’re going to bee in love with this pedicure! The sweet milk bath provides exfoliation, followed by a sugar scrub that enhances the honey base massage. Includes callus remover packet that soften your heels within minutes.

Aloe Vera $47

Aloe Vera care is the new level of rejuvenating your skin. The nature of this plant mineral will keep your feet and hands looking soft, smooth, and reduce scarring or sunburns. Includes callus remover packet soften your heels within minutes.

OPI Pedicure $45

Formulated with nature’s soothing and effective botanicals. Pedicure by OPI turns ordinary pedicures into an extraordinary spa service. This involves 5 steps: foot-bath, callus softener, foot scrub, face mask, and foot massage.

Signature Pedicures

Mango Delight $42

Contains Mango Extract with Vitamin C, which works to reduce inflammation. Also prevents collagen damge that keeps our skin elastic and aging.

Tropical Paradise $42

Missing the beach? Our tropical pedicure is a delightful way to relax and soften your feet inspired by the fruit of the tropics. It will surely remind you of your perfect paradise vacation.

Lavender Relief $42

Stressed? Relieve with Lavender Oil Extract! Lavender extract contains antiseptic and antifungal to help reduce scarring and speed up healing.

Ocean Refresh $42

Swollen feet? Refresh and cool with marine algae peppermint. The extract helps to increase blood circulation and gives the feet a cooling sensation.

Vitamin Recharge $40

Recharge your feet with Vitamin C. By slowing the rate of free radical damage which causes chapped skin and development of wrinkles.

Jasmine Soothe $40

Feeling discomfort? Soothe and purify your skin with Jasmine petal extract. Improves skin's elasticity and help fade scars.



Lemon Quench $40

Quench your skin's thirst with Lemon Extract. Lemon contains enzymes to cleanse the skin by removing dead cells and flushing away toxins.

Olive Sensation $40

Rough? Revive your feet with virgin Olive oil Extra virgin olive oil contains Vitamin E that helps to repairs and renews skin from overexposure to the sun.

Cucumber Fresh $40

Need some glow? Freshen your vibe for a vibrant, healthy glow with cucumber extract Cucumber helps mask all problem areas and helps soothe and soften your skin.

Tangerine Twist $40

Keep your feet happy and healthy with vitamin C! Tangerine contains antifungal and antiseptic properties to help prevent and treat skin infections.

Green Tea $40

Detox time! Detoxify and hydrate your feet with green tea extract Green Tea is used to reduce dryness to the skin. It also recents premature aging!

Regular Pedicure $36


Classic Manicure $25

Includes a hand soak, cuticle work, hand and arm massage

Gel | Shellac Manicure $35

Classic manicure with gel polish

Acrylic Full Set $50 Up

Regular or Gel polish is the same price.

Gel | Shellac Only $22
Acrylic Fill $40 Up
Dip Powder Overlay $40
Dip Clear w/Gel Polish $45
Dip Powder w/Tip Extensions $50 Up
Dip Powder Overlay w/Manicure $48
Pink & White Full Set $60 Up
Pink Fill Only $35 Up
Pink & White Fill $45 Up


Hand Nail Polish $15
Toe Polish $15
Toe Gel Polish $25
Nail Replacement (Arcylic + Dip) $15 Up
Cut Down (Arcylic) $5 Up
Nail Removal $15
Nail Art $5 Up
French/American/Color Tips $8
Hand Trim $8
Toe Trim $10


Eyebrow $14
Lip $8
Chin $10
Eyebrow + Lip $18 Up
Eyebrow + Chin $20 Up
Eyebrow + Lip + Chin $25 Up